Bala Gopala’s Daily Darsan




Can you find Gopala?

Last night Sri Bala Gopala arived in Melbourne, Australia where He opted to take a place alongside Sri Sri Radha-Vallabha and all of the other Saligram Silas here. Can you find Him in the picture above?

Sri Trivikrama (above) is the principal Saligram worshiped at ISKCON Melbourne with great dedication, inspiration and enthusiasm by Krishnagraja Prabhu.

Just see how expert he is at painting the faces:

This picture (above) is the same Trivikram all decked out for a festival. Here’s a Krishna Saligram who is very sweet to look at:

I am hoping that Krishnagraja Prabhu teaches me how to paint the faces so nicely or at least teaches me how to be more receptive to how Gopala wants His face painted. Here’s another look at Krishna in festive spirits.

By the way, if you couldn’t find Gopala in the first picture then He’s just below Srimati Radharani slightly towards Her right foot. Today I’ll leave you with the darsan of Sri Narasimhadeva:


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