Star Trek Personality Test Results: ISFJ – (A Bit of Fun)




This test says you are an ISFJ (Introvert, Sensor, Feeler, Judger).* In Star Trek, you share a basic personality configuration with the characters of Beverly Crusher and Chakotay.

“Why don’t we look at this from a mosquito’s point of view?” – Crusher


People like you are generally highly nurturing and caring. You’re gentle and thoughtful, but also cautious, especially about exposing your inner self. You’re highly protective of your privacy and share yourself with others as a sign of love. Once comfortable, however, you are quite affectionate. You also desire steady and unstinting love in return.

You’re very literal and maintain a high awareness of the physical world. You are quite likely to have a highly developed sense of spirituality.

You are uncompromising about your personal standards and easily offended, especially when you do not feel appreciated or when people violate your personal space. You don’t like to brag about your accomplishments and often become stymied when people take you for granted. You are diligent and conscientious, organized and decisive. You respond well to politeness. You enjoy productive routine.


Your primary goal in life is helping people in real ways. Your reward is stability in your daily life and to be amongst people who support your feelings.


Your motivations come from the immediate and personal, so your service to others is unlikely to take the form of abstract political or sociological motivations unless you’re on the front lines.

You do not hide your hurts easily, so a good supervisor needs to realize that you’re not pouting over imagined complaints when you speak towards personal difficulties. You thrive when you understand the rules and restrictions around you. Constant change causes you stress, which you may try to deny until you explode.


You cannot have friends who would ever ask you to compromise your values. You cannot enjoy a lover who does not value what you do for them and for the relationship. Beware falling in with those who will take and take from you and not give back.

You tend to assume responsibility for those you love, and see their faults as your own. While you are a warm and wonderful protector of family and close friends, you can get overly involved in their affairs.

While you will show you are hurt, you are often reluctant to explain why, especially when you’re feeling off-balance. Friends and lovers need to be able to accept your occasional moodiness without taking it personally, waiting until you are ready to explain what’s wrong. You will reward them with lifelong loyalty and support.


Good careers for your type include primary care physician, chief medical officer, elementary school worker, guidance counselor, special education teacher, spiritual consultant, and genealogist.


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