Guru-mukha-padma-vākya vs. Conceit – Which Is Better Preaching ?




Prabhupāda: A child is always in danger. So how you can save them? He’s always in danger. So as far as possible, let us try. He’s going to the fire. He’s going to the water. He’s going to the animal. He’s eating some poison. So always in danger. That childish age is dangerous. Therefore mother takes care. Danger is already there because he’s neophyte, kaniṣṭha-adhikārī. Therefore we have to abide by the injunction of the śāstra and guided by guru. That’s all. That is our secure position. And otherwise danger always.

Pṛthu-putra: One boy in Paris, he had a visit…

Prabhupāda: Whatever it may be, this is the position. Those who are neophyte, they are always in danger. Therefore their duty is to be guided by sādhu-śāstra-guru. That’s all. That is our… Now, I’ll say from my practical life. It is not pride. Actually everyone knows that my Guru Mahārāja had thousands of disciples. So out of thousands of disciples, practically I am little successful. That everyone knows. Why? Because I firmly believed in the words of my guru. That’s all. This is the… There may be many other Godbrother, maybe very learned and very advanced, whatever it may be, favored, and everyone claims that “I am the most favorite.” And practical point of view – so I think sometimes that “Why this wonderful thing has happened to me?” So I search out. I search out only that I cent percent believe in the words of my spiritual… That’s all, nothing else. Guru-mukha-padma-vākya, cittete koriyā aikya, āra nā koriho mane āśā. Don’t think of any nonsense. Simply execute what your guru has said. That is success. You are daily singing, guru-mukha-padma-vākya. You know the meaning?

This is the instruction. And the child decides it that “Whatever my parent says, that’s all I shall do. I shall do nothing,” then he’s safe.

Satsvarūpa: “My only wish is to have my consciousness purified by the words emanating from his lotus mouth.”

Prabhupāda: Then he’s safe. And as soon as he manufactures — finished. So don’t do this. Yasya deve parā bhaktir yathā deve tathā gurau, tasyaite kathitā. This is the secret of spiritual success. … So we have to guided by our predecessor ācāryas. Then we shall be saved. Otherwise we are condemned.

– Room Conversation – January 28, 1977, Bhuvanesvara


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