An Amazing Sankirtana Story (You’ll Be Glad You Read It)




Last week I was ill so i could not go out on Sankirtan. I felt completely useless. I thought, “I am just spacing here in the temple like a ghost, i have no desire to go out…”

Then I realized that every day on sankirtan is very special and is acctually a causeless mercy of Lord Caitanya. Then I started to pray like anything:

“Please Krishna, allow me to do sankirtan, please give me the desire to go out…” Soon after Mrigendra Prabhu asked me if i would join him the next day on one event where all vegetarian groups from the country will gather.

Mrigendra Prabhu would make propaganda for his vegetarian courses and distribute halva and I would have a book stall. The organizers are not allowing any religious books so we supposed to have only cook books on the stall.

So we went and anyway put Bhagavad gita and Srimad Bhagavatams also on the stall. No one had any objection. People were mad after halva, took a lot of cook books and a couple of Bhagavad gitas.

But then at one point late afternoon all the visitors became very excited and started to look in one direction. There were many fotoreporters, TV cameras… Mrigendra told me “Look! President of the Country Dr. Janez Drnovsek is there and is going toward us. And we already distributed all the halava. Anyway, what to do.”

I was the only person in dhoti and tilak there and the President came right up to me and shake his hand to me. He told that he knows our kichen. Then Mrigendra Prabhu introduced his project of vegetarian cooking classes. Then we appologized to the President that we don’t have any more halava for him.

He said that he knows halava and his secretary in jolly mood said that this is first class that we distributed all the halava to the visitors. We were all laughing and people around were all amazed how the President is so relaxed with the devotees. We were disccussing a few more minutes and then he suggested to the secretary that he would like to have this cook book. On some other occasion we already gave him Bhagavad-gita. So i took the cook book called “Krishna’s Kitchen” and give it to the President as a gift.

Reporters were taking photos and he was happily thanking us. Then he proceeded further but didn’t stop at any table. He just went towards main stage where he supposed to give a speach of support because he is also a vegetarian. But then suddenly heavy rain started and all the function came to an end. Then we packed our things and went back to the temple.

Soon after Mrigendra Prabhu recieved a phone call from the President’s office. It was his secretary. She told that they were very impressed by our presentation and that she would like to inroll to Mrigendra’s cooking classes. She also said that the President could come sometime on lunch in our temple. Haribol!!

Lord Krishna is really amazing. At the end of the week i felt completely useless uneble to do sankirtan. In almost despert condition i was praying to Sri Sri Panca Tattva to please somehow or other engage me in their preaching mission. And then the NEXT day Krishna sent a President of a Country to our book stall! Krishna is really God and can do anything if we take shelter in Him.

I would humbly request all the devotees to please bless us that we can always be engaged in this wounderful preaching mission which Srila Prabhupada gave us. Thank you very much.

Your servant
Vasudeva Datta das (TSKP Slovenia)


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