Serving Krishna Is The Essense Of Vaisnava Philosophy




You can serve Krsna in any capacity – provided you want to serve. And if you want to engage Krsna for your service, that is blunder.

Then it is blunder. You cannot engage Krsna to your service. The everyone is trying to engage Krsna for his service. They are going to the church, “O Krsna, give us our daily bread,” that “You serve me. You give us our daily bread and serve me.” And our proposition is, Yasodamayi, “Krsna, You are playing all day. Come on! Take food first of all.” This is service. They are going to Krsna for asking daily bread. And here Yasodamayi is commanding, “Come here! If You don’t eat, You will get lean and thin. Come on.” This is Vaisnava philosophy.

– Morning walk, July 8, 1975, Chicago


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