The Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Book Distributors




By Vaisesika dasa, Taken from:

1. Cultivate your desire
a. “Where there’s a will there’s way.”
b. Associate with devotees who have strong faith in and desire for book distribution.
c. Your ability will grow to meet your strong desire.
d. Nothing will change until you do.

2. Practice
a. Cultivate discipline (From L. Discipulus — “Learner”) Definition — “Conscious control over lifestyle.”
b. “Failure is the pillar of success.”
c. Practice makes perfect.
d. Emulate successful book distributors.

3. Read mindfully.
a. Learn to capture and absorb what you read.
b. Learn to share (during book distribution and at other times) what you’ve absorbed and captured.
c. Fortify yourself daily by associating with Srila Prabhupada in his books.

4. Chant with attention
a. Practice the “3 P’s”: Posture; Pronunciation; Prayer.
b. Learn to focus while chanting; you will receive
i. Happiness
ii. Determination
iii. Detachment
iv. Direct experience of Krsna
v. Knowledge
vi. Inspiration
vii. Purified desire

5. Take shelter of the Holy Names (Keep the vibration going!).
a. That we all need shelter at every moment.
b. That Krsna is non-different from His name.
c. That difficult things become easy when you remember Lord Chaitanya (and visa versa)

6. Depend on Krsna for results
a. Be an instrument.
b. Don’t be “the doer.”
c. Pray to Prabhupada & Krsna for direction and help.

7. Organize (“Measure twice; cut once.”)
a. Set goals.
b. Design a plan.
c. Acquire the tools of your trade.
i. Master the basics of communication.
d. Execute your plan.
e. Take care of your inventory.
f. Run it like a business (“Get serious”).


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