Kārtik Is The Best Time To Play Dice In The Temple 🙂




kiṁ ca
dyūta-vyājena viprendra
kārttike keśavālayam
dyotayed yo mahā-bhāga
punāty āsaptataṁ kulam

kim- ca-furthermore; dyūta-of playing dice; vyājena-on the pretext; viprendra-O king of brāhmaṇas; kārttike-in Kārttika; keśava-of Lord Keśava; alayam-the temple; dyotayet-illuminates; yaḥ-who; mahā-bhāga-O very fortunate one; punāti-purifies; āsaptatam- kulam-seven generations of his family.

“O very fortunate one, a person who in order to play dice lights a lamp in Lord Keśava’s temple purifies seven generations of his family.”

– Kārtik Mahatmya Text 118


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