Kartik In Vrindavana Is Rarely Obtained




durlabhaḥ kārttiko vipra
mathurāyāṁ nṛṇām iha
yatrārcitaḥ svakaṁ rūpaṁ
bhaktebhyaḥ samprayacchati

durlabhaḥ-rare; kārttikaḥ-Kārttika; vipra-O brāhmaṇa; mathurāyām-in Mathurā; nṛṇām-of the people; iha-here; yatra-where; arcitaḥ-worshiped; svakam-own; rūpam-form; bhaktebhyaḥ-to the devotees; samprayacchati-gives.

“O brāhmaṇa, it is rare that one is allowed to spend the month of Kārttika in Mathurā. To they who worship Him in Mathura’ during Kārttika, Lord Kṛṣṇa reveals His own transcendental form.”

– Kārtik Mahatmya Text 156


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