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Some of Gopala’s subscribers may be wondering why He hasn’t appeared on His site lately. This is because He has been preparing to shift to a different country and His servants have been very busy making arrangements. His worship continues on everyday but often the photos haven’t manifested.

This post is a brief update to fill the gap between His last darsan to the present.

Here is one of Gopala’s servants hard at work sewing the ornate coverings for His new travelling lightweight folding alter:

Because of the generous donations of some of His affectionate admirers (thank you Gopal Dass and others) His servants have purchased top quality textiles to incorporate into the custom creation of His paraphenalia.

Notice in particular the aluminum camping table that folds down to the size of a book. The unfolded version is under the cloth and the mostly folded down version is on the right. After His things are completed we will offer them to Him and then show everyone how they turned out. Thanks go out to Karunika and Krishnangi Matajis for going to so much trouble to provide a sewing machine for Gopala’s service.

This is also a good opportunity to show a picture taken of Gopala for Tulsi Saligram Vivaha:

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