Madhvacarya On Kanistha Understanding




Srila Madhvacarya states, arcayam eva samsthitam/ visnum jnatva tad-anyatra naiva janati yah puman. A kanistha-adhikari has no idea that the Supreme Lord has the power to exist outside a church or temple. Furthermore, being puffed up by his own ceremonial worship (atmano bhakti-darpatah), a kanistha-adhikari cannot imagine that anyone is more pious or religious than he, and he is not even aware that other devotees are more advanced. Thus he cannot understand the madhyama or uttama standard of devotional service, and sometimes, because of his false pride, he criticizes the more advanced devotees of the Lord, neglects them or simply has no understanding of their exalted position as preachers or completely self-realized souls.

– Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 11.2.47 purport


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