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This article was just published for syndication. Apparantly the couple were fighting during the night and the next day she went missing. The guy claimed that she went sleepwalking which made the devotees suspect. He was acting very strange yesterday according to those who spoke to him. I saw him on Sunday afternoon in town when he came up to me in the parking lot with a jerry can asking for some money so he could get enough petrol to get back to the farm. He came across pretty odd to me which I attributed to some kind of obvious drug habit. I questioned him as to why he was headed for the farm. He claimed that he was staying with some friends there so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and a $2 coin for petrol.

Something about the whole exchange struck me as odd though and I kept thinking it about it over and over again whilst gardening. The next day Murari Caitanya and PJ find his girlfriend’s deceased naked body floating in the top part of the lake in front of the guest house.

How’s that for a heavy story?


Woman dies at Hare Krishna retreat
From: AAP

February 21, 2006

A WOMAN whose body was found floating in a dam at a Hare Krishna retreat on the New South Wales far north coast had been staying at the sanctuary to sort out “troubles” with a male companion.
The 30-year-old woman, of Tweed Heads, was found by community members at the spiritual retreat at Eungella, near Murwillumbah, about 8.30pm (AEDT) yesterday. The woman, who has not been identified, and her male companion had spent the week sorting out “troubles” at the retreat, Channel 10 reported.

At least one local resident heard the couple fighting on the night of her death, it said.

The man has left the retreat and is staying with relatives, the report said.

Inspector Ross Wilkinson said police were treating the death as suspicious.

“She was located by community centre members, men and women, and at this stage we’re treating the deceased as a suspicious death,” Insp Wilkinson said.

Hare Krishna community spokesman Murari Caitania said people who needed help were sometimes invited to stay at the centre.

“We’re not a violent people and we don’t condone violence of any sort, even to animals,” Mr Caitania said.

“If you drive on to our property even animals have right of way on the roads.”


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