My Reflections On The Relationship Between Preaching And Serving




On Gopala’s Mrdanga I posted the podcast for this lecture given by HG Saunika Rishi Prabhu given at the ISKCON Communication Europe Leadership Team (ICELT) meetings.

This discussion encapsulates my thinking about preaching in general, however, it is delivered in a much more palatable way then my Texan conditioning seems to allow me to communicate. The points he makes here I feel are essential for the furtherment of the sankirtana effort.

How has Gaudiya-Vaisnavism traditionally been propagated?
Is this approach still compatable with the modern times?
How do we view ourselves as ‘preachers’?
Are we genuinely content to be used as instruments in Krishna’s service?
Or do we need to see results for our endeavours in this lifetime?
… + many other points are raised that could serve as fuel for instrospection and re-evaluation of one’s modus operandi.

There’s lots of deep thinking and expansion to be found in Prabhu’s words here. I beg anyone who comes across this post to drink deeply from this sanga and be enlightened. You may feel content in your outlook regarding preaching due to experiencing some immediate results but, I’m firmly convinced, that to adopt the conceptions found herein will lead you to much more satisfying realms in serving the mission of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and the parampara.

So here’s Saunika Rishi Prabhu’s presentation: [download] 16MB

your servant, ekendra das

ps – if 16MB is too big a file for you then write me: ekendra AT and I’ll post a smaller version.


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