Super Ecstatic Story That Should Send Shivers Up Your Spine!




How’s that for a title? 🙂

Here’s the story from

“A story that Tara Prabhu often tells is that of a woman who approached a book distributor and asked him, “Do you have the Krsna book?!” He said yes and showed her volume one. She replied, “No; no!! Volume two is what I want. I already have volume one!!” Since she seemed annoyed, the devotee asked her to explain herself. She explained/complained that she had made the mistake of buying volume one from a devotee sometime back, and that she had made the second mistake of reading it to her son at bedtime. The kid became addicted to Krsna’s stories and only wanted to hear them and nothing else. She read the whole book several times to the kid, who still wanted more and more. Finally, out of personal frustration at reading the same volume again and again, she went searching for volume two.”

Jaya Gopala!

p> The Krishna Book in its entirety can be downloaded here.


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