Anyone looking to buy a good notebook PC?




Haribol venerable Vaisnavas.


Recently I purchased a laptop for our clothing business. I think I’ve found the best deal around. If anyone else is interested or looking to purchase a laptop then let me know via email (ekendra AT and I will forward you the details.

Its an IBM certified refurbished (this means ‘as-new’) Thinkpad T-40 with a P4 1.3GhZ centrino chip (big $$$), new 6 hour battery, integrated Cisco wifi, 768MB RAM, 14.1″ TFT display, weighs 2.5KG, runs silently (an important consideration for me), and has the standard other stuff (PCMCIA, speakers and whatnot). Comes with a one year on-site warranty (they come to you) which is extendable to 3 years. No DVD burner or CD/RW though on this model unless you pay a bit extra for it. It just has a DVD/CD reader. And no floppy drive.

cost: AU$1120 (includes overnight courier within Australia)

If you live overseas then I can purchase on your behalf and forward it on to wherever you live.

No I don’t get a cut or anything -> I just thought it was a good deal that I should pass on the devotees if they want. In fact, you can grab one yourself if you want without going through me. The reason I’m not putting the details here is that there are already a few devotees in my area who are purchasing one today and I want to make sure they get the ones in stock before I invite the world and they run out. Of course, the more I can order in bulk then the more leverage I can generate with these guys. They are leveragable (had them throw in a free case, MYOB basics, and a wireless optical mouse with my one off purchase so I’m sure we can work something in bulk for everyone.)

So anyone interested should let me know ASAP as they do have limited stock. (Don’t try leaving a comment here as I don’t read them -> send me an email: ekendra AT

They have already sent me mine (arrived overnight) and the notebook is what they say. I wouldn’t have suspected that the cover had ever been opened had they not stated that it was IBM certified refurbished in the product description.

Hare Krishna,

your servant,
Ekendra das


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