Steps to Control the Mind




(Thanks to Aniruddha Prabhu for posting these.)

Six rules offered by Sanatana Goswami for those who wish to reform their chanting. From The Gayatri Book by Sacinandana Swami.

manaḥ-saṁskāraṇaṁ śaucaṁ
maunaṁ mantrātha-cintanam
avyagratvam anirveda

In order to perfect one’s japa, one needs to cultivate the following qualities.

1. manaḥ-saṁskāraṇaṁ – the ability to control one’s mind
2. śaucaṁ – internal and external purity
3. mauna – the ability to be silent
4. mantra-artha-cintana – the ability to contemplate the meaning of the mantra
5. a-vyagratva – patience
6. a-nirveda – steadfastness


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