Upadesavali “Essential Instructions”




by Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura Prabhupada

1.Those who don’t perform Hari-bhajana are ignorant and murderers of their own souls.

2.The acceptance of Sri Harinama and direct realization of Bhagavan are one and the same.

3.We are not the doers of good or bad deeds, nor are we scholars or illiterate – carrying the shoes of Hari’s pure devotees as our duty, we are initiates into the mantra “kirtaniyah sada hari”.

4.Preaching without proper conduct falls within the category of karma – mundane activity. Without criticizing the nature of others, one should correct one’s self – this is my personal instruction.

5.If we desire to follow an auspicious course in life then, disregarding the theories of even countless people, we should hear instructions only from a transcendental source.

6.Life as an animal, bird, insect, or any other of the countless thousands of species is acceptable, but taking shelter of deceit is thoroughly improper. Only an honest person possesses real auspicious.

7.Simple-heartedness is synonymous with Vaisnavism. Servants of paramahamsa Vaisnavas should be simple hearted, a quality which makes them the topmost brahmanas.

8.Helping to draw conditioned souls away from their perverted attachment to the material energy is the greatest compassion. If even one soul is rescued from Mahamaya’s fortress, that compassionate act is infinitely more benevolent than the construction of unlimited hospitals.

9.We will not remain in this world for long. By profusely performing Hari-kirtana, upon relinquishing these material bodies we will experience the ultimate reward of embodied life.

10.Krishna’s darsana can only be attained through the medium of the ear as one hears Hari-katha from pure Vaishnavas; there is no other way.

11.We should understand that the loud calling out of Sri Krishna’s name is bhakti.

12.By sincerely endeavoring to chant harinama without offenses and remaining fixed in chanting constantly, one’s offenses will fade and pure harinama will arise on the tongue.


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