Image of Christ reportedly appears




Here’s an interesting phenomenon …. (watch video here) Why when it comes to finances or employment people generally require so much security and accountability but when it comes to spiritual matters anything will serve the need?


Apr. 13 – Dozens of believers lined up at a house in a poor Colombian neighborhood on Wednesday (Apr. 12) to pray before an image that they believe represents Jesus Christ.

The image in question, traced in hot chocolate on the outside of a mug, was first noticed by the son-in-law of house owner Dorely Rojas. As the family sat down for breakfast, the young man in question noticed that an overspill of hot chocolate from the mug had traced an unusual pattern, which he immediately showed to his devout mother-in-law.

As a sign of their gratitude, one of Dona Rojas’ created an altar, placing candles around the cup and adorning it with a huge picture of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t long before word got out in their neighborhood in Cali, some 350 kilometers south west of Bogota.

The curious and the devout began flocking into the house, until eventually the family decided to set up the altar before a barred window, allowing people to witness the alleged miracle for themselves.

In cases of alleged divine revelations, Cali Archdiocese undertakes a profound study to establish their authenticity.

SOUNDBITE: Dorely Rojas, owner of the home where the image appeared, saying (Spanish):

”We were there when my son-in-law served the chocolate to my daughter. When he put the cup there, he remained looking and he came and he said ‘take it, mother-in-law, you that are such a believer, I am bringing you the Lord, who is here.’ You couldn’t see it well then, but as time passed we saw him, so there, we know it is a blessing from God that has arrived at this house.”

SOUNDBITE: Graciela Torres, neighbor, saying (Spanish):

”It’s like a call from Jesus Christ so that young people take care and have faith, that everything has to change, that there can’t be violence in Retiro, everything can’t be violent.”


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