Keep In Touch With Krishna No Matter What




“Regarding your business and spiritual practices, I give you special permission as follows: You find out of 24 hours at least one hour conveniently for chanting Hare Krishna with great attention, either by the deities or any place, without being disturbed by anyone else. Now the other 23 hours what ever you do always try to think of Krishna. That will keep you intact with Krishna.”

When you do business, you should do it business-like, but at the same time think of Krishna, seeking His protection. The living example are the gopis. They were householders, wives with children and many family duties. Still, they practiced Krishna consciousness in such a way that they did not forget Krishna, even for a second. While moping the floor, feeding the baby, cooking, milking the cow, talking with friends, they were always thinking of Krishna. So this is the highest ideal of Krishna consciousness, and we should try to follow in their foot steps.

Everyone has to adjust things in his particular way, but I again repeat that at least one hour should be spent on chanting on the beads.”

Letter to Gargamuni Oct ’69


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