Sri Chaitanya Upanishad




1. Thereafter, Pippalada, with sacrificial fuel in hand, approached Lord Brahma and said, ?O My Lord, in this world, please tell me what is the real auspiciousness??

2. Lord Brahma said, ?Always be very pleased with only austerity, celibacy and control of the mind.?

3. He, Pippalada, becoming pure in mind, again approached his father and said: ?O my Lord Brahma, in the age of Kali Yuga, people are covered due to sin. How can they obtain liberation??

4. Please tell me which deity or which mantra is worthy of service.

5. Lord Brahma replied, ?I will tell you the confidential truth. On the bank of the Jahnavi, in Navadvipa Dhama, which is known as Goloka, Govinda with two arms, golden complexion, the Supersoul, the greatest Personality, the greatest Yogi, the Supreme Being, Who is transcendental to the modes of nature, and Whose form is truth, will appear to manifest devotional service (bhakti) in this world. These verses describe that.

6. The one Supreme Personality of Godhead, who appears in a variety of transcendental forms, is also known as Gaura. He has also appeared in various complexions such as red, blackish and white. He shall appear in the form of Gaura. He Himself is Chaitanya, the embodiment of cit-sakti. He shall appear in the form of a devotee, to bestow devotional service to the Lord and He is also to be known by devotional service.

7. I offer my respectful obeisances unto He who is to be understood by Vedanta, who is Krishna, the Supersoul, whose form is conscious of everything. Obeisances again and again unto Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

8. By knowing Him, who is to be known by Vedanta, who is the oldest personality, who is Himself, Chaitanya, the source of the universe and the greatest, one can overcome death. There is no other means for going beyond Maya.

9. By the mantra, whose source is His own name, the Lord pleases everything.

10. His superior energies are hladini (bliss), and samvit (knowledge).

11. He chants the original mantra consisting of Hari, Krishna and Rama, in other words, the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

12. He who removes the knot in the heart in the form of material desire, is called Hari. The union by the remembrance of the root krs- and the affix -na, is the hymn of praise – Krishna. He who gives pleasure to everything is the form of bliss – Rama. Here is such a verse.

13. The Maha-Mantra is confidential, transcendental and can be understood only by devotional service, (bhakti-yoga).

14. These sixteen names are supremely beautiful. Those who chant them regularly are sober persons who are able to cross beyond the illusory energy. There is no other means. One should repeat this maha-mantra which is the supreme secret, regularly.

15. Chaitanya is Sankarsana, Vasudeva, and the Supersoul. He is the cause of Rudra (Siva), Sakra (Indra), Brhaspati, all the demigods, all moving and non-moving entities, and everything which is temporary and external. Herein are the celebrated verses.

16. Whatever one enjoys which is temporary is known as an effect and is perishable.

17. It is said that the spirit soul is eternal. He is the cause of that which is perishable and also beyond that which is perishable.

18. He who is beyond that which is perishable and imperishable is the Supreme Person. The name of the Supreme Truth, the cause of all causes is Sri Chaitanya.

19. Anyone who develops love for Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, worships Him or meditates on Him is freed from sin, becomes purified, understands the Supreme Truth, and overcomes lamentation. For him, there is no other destination.


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