Krishna idol dressed in T-shirt, jeans sparks row in Vrindavan




Vrindavan (UP), Sept 16: An idol of Lord Krishna in the famous Banke Bihari temple here was allegedly clothed in T-shirt, jeans and holding a mobile phone in his hand instead of a flute, sparking off protests by devotees and political activists in this temple town on Saturday.

Activists of the Samajwadi Party and Krishna devotees took out a march and burnt an effigy of the temple caretakers in protest against the Sacriligious Act.

The idol was reportedly dressed up in modern attire on Thursday during Anand Mahotsava festivities and protestors allege that that temple caretakers were involved.

Lakhs of devotees from around the world flock this in this town, 10 km from Mathura, to pay obeisance at the temple considered auspicious for members of the hare Krishna cult.

“Dressing up the Lord Krishna idol in T-shirt, jeans and making it hold a mobile phone in his hand is against the tenets of Hinduism and the act has hurt the sentiments of devotees across the country,” district SP unit chief Ballabh Bhandari said.

A local social activist and Krishna devotee Rupam Verma described the incident as “shocking” and demanded that the caretakers be punished.


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