The Bliss Of Chanting




?The Holy Name showers liguid nectar on my heart and drowns me in the ocean of divine love of Godhead. One who chants with a pure heart experiences how divine bliss enters his heart and makes it soar with sublime delight. This is the essential nature of the Holy Name. By the influence of the transcendental vibration of the Holy Name, the whole universe becomes mad with ecstasy as everyone relishes the mellows of the Holy Name. Who can describe the peerless glory of Lord Krsna?s Holy Name, which delights the heart and is like waves of nectar always lovingly tasted by the tongue? O perfect and complete Holy Name of Lord Krsna, You are the embodiment of delightful and intense spiritual bliss, and You are a festival of happiness for Gokula. I bow before You again and again.?

– Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura


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