Bala Gopala’s Darsan




vṛṣabhānur bhavo bhāviḥ
kāśyapiḥ karuṇā-nidhiḥ
kolāhalo halī hālī
helī haladhara-priyaḥ

He is a sun rising among the heroic warriors (vṛṣabhānu). He is the universal form (bhava) and the father of all existence (bhāvi). He is the son of Kaśyapa (kāśyapi). He is an ocean of mercy (karuṇā-nidhi). His voice is like thunder (kolāhala). He is Balarāma, the holder of the plow (halī and hālī). He rebukes His enemeies (helī). He is dear to Lord Balarāma (haladhara-priya).

– Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama – Text 20


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