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  • Prabhupada’s Ghostbusting Formula

    “You mention ghosts. So far I have experience, the best way to remove them is to chant Hare Krishna very loudly and have jubilant kirtana until they leave. In England, on Mr. John Lennon’s house where I was staying in 1969, there was one ghost. But as soon as the devotees began chanting very loudly, […]

  • Shree Saligram Sila-stotram

    Yudhistiro Uvacha King Yudhistir asked ?Shree Dev Dev devesa Devarchanamutamam Tat sarbam srotaumichhami Bruhime Purushotamam / 1/ My dear Supreme Lordship Purushotam, I request you know the significance of the saligram sila. Shree Bhagavan Uvacha – The Lord Replied ?Gandakyam Chotare Tire Girirajshchya Dakshine ! Das Yojan Vistirnam Mahachhetra Vasundhara //2// ?Saligramo Vabet Devo Devi […]

  • Tips on Solving Congregational Conflict

    Good article here.

  • Prabhupada’s Program Will Make Us Topmost Members Of Society

    “So our program if it is kept pure according to my many instructions, will give you the deserved reputation of being the topmost members of the society. That is very much wanted so that we may hope to change the society as a whole.” – Letter to Jagadish das – 17 November, 1970

  • Srila Prabhupada Will Return For Us If We Are Cooperative

    “So far as I am concerned, in relationship with my disciples who are so kindly cooperating with me in the matter of my rendering service to my Spiritual Master, for them I am always ready to come back from Goloka Vrindaban, if they are not delivered along with me. So don’t be worried about the […]

  • Eight Prayers Glorifying Srimati Vrnda Devi

    by Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakur … Text 1 gangeya-campeya-tadid-vinindi- rocih-pravaha-snapitatma-vrnde bandnuka-bandhu-dyuti-divya-vaso vrnde namas te caranaravindam `gangeya – golden; `campeya – campaka flower; `tadit – lightnigs; `vinindi – chastising; `rocih – splendor; `pravaha – with rivers; `cnapita – bathed; `atma – own; `vrnde – multitad; `bandhuka – of the bandhuka flower; `bandhu – friend; `dyuti – splendor; […]

  • Helena Dreams About Prabhupada

    this one is a must read! by Bhakta Giovanni Battista Dear Devotees, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Every day, thanks to Srila Prabhupada’s love, I have the opportunity to go out and distribute his books. Recently Lilananda Prabhu and I have been distributing books in a working-class area of Rome […]

  • Who Is Devoted To Who?

    samo ‘haṁ sarva-bhūteṣu na me dveṣyo ‘sti na priyaḥ ye bhajanti tu māṁ bhaktyā mayi te teṣu cāpy aham [Bg. 9.29] The Lord says that “I am… Although I am equal to everyone…” God is nobody’s enemy and nobody’s special friend, just like the king, the government, nobody’s enemy, nobody’s friend. As you act, so […]

  • rohiṇī-hṛdayānandī vasudevātmajo balī nīlāmbaro rauhiṇeyo jarāsandha-vadho ‘malaḥ He is the bliss of Rohiṇī’s heart (rohiṇī-hṛdayānandī), the son of Vasudeva (vasudevātmaja), powerful (balī), dressed in blue garments (nīlāmbara), the son of Rohiṇī (rauhiṇeya), the killer of Jarāsandha (jarāsandha-vadha), and supremely pure (amala). – Sri Gopala-sahasra-nama – Text 22

  • Bala Gopala’s Darsan

    rādhā-mukhābja-mārtaṇḍo bhāskaro ravijo vidhuḥ vidhir vidhātā varuṇo vāruṇo vāruṇī-priyaḥ He is the sun that makes the lotus of Śrī Rādhā’s face bloom (rādhā-mukhābja-mārtaṇḍa). He is glorious like the sun (bhāskara and ravija). He is glorious like the moon (vidhu). He is the creator (vidhi and vidhātā). He is the controller of Varuṇa (varuṇa), the descendent […]

  • Bala Gopala’s Darsan

    vṛṣabhānur bhavo bhāviḥ kāśyapiḥ karuṇā-nidhiḥ kolāhalo halī hālī helī haladhara-priyaḥ He is a sun rising among the heroic warriors (vṛṣabhānu). He is the universal form (bhava) and the father of all existence (bhāvi). He is the son of Kaśyapa (kāśyapi). He is an ocean of mercy (karuṇā-nidhi). His voice is like thunder (kolāhala). He is […]

  • Education = Congregational Empowerment

    “Leaders and managers must understand how to help develop, nurture and empower our congregation members. More and more of ISKCON?s members are congregational members. Everywhere in the world our congregation and the potential for increasing our congregation is very great. In order to maximize the opportunities to understand Lord Nityananda?s and Prabhupada?s vision of spreading […]

  • Institutional Considerations From The Founder of The Institutions

    ?The idea of an organized church in an intelligible form, indeed, marks the close of the living spiritual movement? The people of this world understand preventive systems; they have no idea at all of the unprevented positive eternal life. Neither can there be any earthly contrivance for the permanent preservation of the life eternal on […]

  • The Hare Kṛṣṇa Mantra Does Not Require Any Purification To Chant

    The Hare Kṛṣṇa mantra does not require śodhana, or purification of the mantra: As enjoined in the Hari-bhakti-vilāsa (1.215, 219, 220): na cātra śātravā doṣā narṇasvādi-vicāraṇā ṛkṣarāśi-vicāro vā na kartavyo manau priye nātra cintyo ‘ri-śuddhyādir nāri-mitrādi-lakṣaṇam siddha-sādhya-susiddhāri rūpā-nātra vicāraṇā There is śodhana, or purification of the mantra, but there is no such consideration for the […]

  • Spiritual Education is a Solid Asset

    The duration of life, so far as the body is concerned, may be taken; however one tries to keep it intact, no one can do it. But the spiritual education we receive in Kṛṣṇa consciousness cannot be taken away by the sun. It becomes a solid asset. – Easy Journey to Other Planets